Quantum of Solace Review

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Hey guys I just came back from watching Quantum of Solace and I thought it was the best Bond movie ever. First lets start with the special effects and the sets. The effects and the quality of the film was amazing. This is a movie that showcases the elements of next gen movies. The sets were very realistic and exciting, my favorite was the grand hotel in Bolivia. Now to the actors. Daniel Craig was stunning in this film, It was his best Bond performance yet. Olga Kurylenko and Dominic Green were also amazing and showed their talent fully in this movie. Let’s get to the cars now. Although it is sad that the Aston Martin DBS only showed in the beginning for a short period of time I am quite satisfied with the variety of cars used in the movie. They used cars like Range Rover Sport, Ford Ka, Volvo S40 S, Ford Edge, Ford Bronco, Alfa Romeo 159 and finnaly a Volkswagen Beetle. These will all be listed in the updated car list that I will do soon. So this wraps up the review of Quantum of Solace.

Update: I have updated the car list

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